DAP Beaufort A9-141

DAP Beaufort A9-141 Parts

Recovery of parts for Beaufort A9-141

As the war in the Pacific ended over sixty years ago Beauforts were quickly retired from use by the RAAF It's understandable that Beaufort parts are in very short supply

To restore a historic aircraft to any sort of condition takes time, patience and money - and an element of luck. It's not possible to head down to the shops for the parts tor restore an elderly and complex aircraft. So when the Beaufort restoration team hears about a Beaufort wreck or a part owner contacts the team to offer up parts for use in the restoration of A9-141, they are very quick to check it out. As time goes by, parts are becoming scarcer - and when they are located, they are turning up in the most unlikely places - advertised on the internet, found in garden sheds and in outbuildings on farms. In sourcing parts for the restoration of Beaufort A9-141, the team will travel nearly anywhere to find the right material.

Parts from a number of Beauforts have been recovered for use in the Restoration of A9-141. These have been found in varying locations and States, not only in Australia, but in places as far afield as Papua New Guinea, New Zealand and the United States of America.

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