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Beaufort Industry Personalities

Beaufort Industry Personalities

A small group of men played a key role in the history of the Beaufort in Australia
Sir John Stanley Storey Chief Executive, Department of Aircraft Production - Beaufort Division

Sir John Storey

Chief Executive, Dept. of Aircraft Production - Beaufort Division
  • Born: 1st November 1896 (Sydney, NSW Australia)
  • Died: 1955
  • Educated: University of Sydney (Bachelor of Science)
  • Director, Department of Aircraft Production, Beaufort Division
  • Chairman of Directors, Repco Ltd.
  • Director, General Motors-Holden (1934-1940)
  • President, Institute of Industrial Management
  • President, Automotive Manufacturers Association of NSW
Rt. Hon. John Curtin Prime Minister of Australia, 1941-1945

Rt. Hon. John Curtin

Prime Minister of Australia 1941-1945
  • Born: 8th January 1885 (Creswick, Victoria, Australia)
  • Died: 5th July 1945

Born of Irish immigrant parents, John Curtin is regarded by many as one of Australia's greatest Prime Ministers. He assumed office just six weeks before the bombing of Pearl Harbour and lead Australia through the darkest hours of World War II. No Prime Minister has had a more profound effect on Australia, and no man has given more for the service of his office.

Richard Gardiner Casey-Australian Politician and Diplomat

Richard Gardiner Casey

Australian Politician and Diplomat
  • Born: 29th August 1980 (Brisbane, Queensland, Australia)
  • Died: 17th June 1976

Following War Service from 1914-1919, Richard Casey returned to a career first in Mining, then in Politics. Then followed Casey's first period as Minister-in-Charge of the CSIR - standards and testing, lubricants and bearings, America and the Middle East, Bengal and India. The CSIR became the CSIRO - seeing post-war growth, Mixomytosis, Radio Astronomy and the Parkes Radio Telescope, the Phytotron, the Neurological Foundation, the United Nations and International co-operation in science. Amongst other international activities was Casey's role as Governor General of the Australian Academy of Science.

Sir Lawrence J Wackett-Leading figure in Australian Aircraft Industry

Sir Lawrence J Wackett

Australian Aircraft Industry
  • Born: 2nd January 1896 (Townsville, Qld, Australia)
  • Died: 18th March 1982

Lawrence Wackett was widely regarded as a leading figure of the Australian aircraft industry. He served in the Australian Flying Corps in World War I, and was responsible for several inventions - amongst which was gun synchronisation equipment. He learned aircraft design and was Commanding Officer of the RAAF Experimental Section in Sydney from 1924. In 1936 negotiations were under way to set up what would become the Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation (CAC)and he prepared a report and recommendations towards that end. A pilot, designer of airframes and engines, entrepreneur and manager he was knighted for his services to aviation.

The Rt. Hon. Joseph Benedict Chifley Prime Minister of Australia, 1945-1949

Rt. Hon. Ben Chifley

Prime Minister of Australia, 1945-1949
  • Born: 22nd September 1885 (Bathurst, NSW, Australia)
  • Died: 13th June 1951

Ben Chifley became Prime Minister on 13 July 1945. Four weeks later the war in the Pacific ended and Chifley was able to lead a government with the goal of building the peace. Chifley called for Australians to ‘join together in the march of our nation to future greatness’. He was a humble man who never forgot the fact that he had been a train driver before he was a politician.

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