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This section of the website deals with the restoration of the DAP Beaufort A9-141 - from the reasons for restoring the aircraft and an explanation of the significance of the project, to a pictorial progress of the restoration effort.


Background to a Restoration:
Read about the reasons behind the restoration - when (and where) the aircraft was found, how the restoration started and the first steps in the process of bringing this piece of Australian History back to flightworthiness.

The History of A9-141:
Find out about the history of the aircraft under restoration: A9-141. Find out when it was built, where it saw action and what happened to end its service.

A pictorial history of the Restoration:
Track the restoration project - from its beginnings, heading through to airworthiness and flight.

Visitors to the Beaufort:
See who is visiting the Beaufort Restoration.

The recovery of other Beauforts:
See where the hunt for parts to be used in the restoration has taken the Project team, and see the only other other intact example of the DAP Beaufort - Australian War Memorial's static display example: A9-557.

Personal Stories about the Beaufort:
Read the personal stories of the men who served in Beauforts during wartime, and the men and women who built and serviced them.

Published Stories of the Beaufort and the Restoration:
Read stories about the Beaufort in action, and see examples of the restoration of A9-141 appearing in the print media (magazines and newspapers) and in books.