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Building the Beaufort was a massive challenge for the Australian Aircraft Industry. At the time it was taken on, the Beaufort was the largest aircraft produced in Australia. Previously, wartime production was focussed on single-engined aircraft - mostly trainers such as the Wirraway, Tiger Moth and Wackett.

This section shows who was involved in the Production of the DAP Beaufort, what part they had to play and who were the key players in the production process. A significant proportion of the work on the Beaufort was carried out by a female workforce - and the role of women in the production of this aircraft is also highlighted.


Aircraft Production Figures:
Read the wartime aircraft production figures, to see how significant the Beaufort was.

The Story of the Beaufort:
Find out about the Beaufort - from its beginnings with the Royal Air Force, through to its time with the Royal Australian Air Force. Find out about the various marks of Beaufort that were built in Australia.

Key Industry Personalities:
Find out about the key people involved in the decision to build the Beaufort and the Aircraft Industry at the time.

The Beaufort Test Pilots:
Read about the Factory Test Pilots - who flew the first Beauforts into Australia

Manufacturers of the DAP Beaufort:
Read about the companies who built the Beaufort - find out more about what they did and how they did it.

Beaufort Program Completion Letter:
Read the letter that was sent to the Managing Director of Consolidated Wire, one of the Beaufort Contractors, upon completion of the program.

Women in the Beaufort Workforce:
Find out about the role of women in the production of the DAP Beaufort, as a vast majority of the workforce were made up of women.